Every week it is getting increasingly difficult to pick a winner, however, my team and I have picked Royal Ugbo, here’s what he posted:

Hi, my name is royal ugbor, am a graduate of the department of political science abia state university. A month ago i sat for my final year exams, but up till today i haven’t been able to pay for my school fees, sincerely i have done everything within my reach, called my uncles and aunties but no one has agreed to help me, i have applied for over 12 jobs now but up till today i have not been called or even messaged by the companies to tell me i have been employed all because i don’t have a certificate yet, honestly i am totally frustrated and confused right now, God knows i have done my best and honestly Ma, you are my only hope of paying my fees right now, my results will be posted online in a few weeks(delay is as a result of the nationwide strike) and if i don’t pay i will have to go through hell to see my results even after i pay. please help me Ma, i know a lot of people have bigger problems than mine, but please anything you give me i can manage, my fees is N52,000 and up till now i have only been able to raise N9000 from the recharge card i am selling.
MY FACEBOOK NAME IS: @UGBOR ROYAL, i don’t have twitter or instagram.


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  1. oh my Goodness!!!! Ma, words cannot explain how grateful i am to you for saving me from nights of severe depression, thank you so much ma, am forever indebted to you for this act of kindness you have shown to me, MAY GOD CONTINUOUSLY BLESS EVERYTHING YOUR HANDS TOUCH…AMENNNN!!!

  2. Amen…All of this wishes coming from the debt of our heart you can believe God will work magic for you.
    Ob you are doing your quota in the society, those who are more capable don’t even see the need to do this,they actually forgot how much of a blessing is attached to giving and how uplifting it is to the soul.
    God Bless you my Super Woman every day all day.My Woman Crush you are EVERYDAY and i cant wait to celebrate with you.
    Before this giveaway i have been here with you,i even applied for a post with you coy sometimes last year..and will still remain one of your ardent Reader.
    Wish you All The Best. Love You

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