Bridal Inspiration: Rami Kadi SS16 ‘Parades Nuptiales’ Collection

RamiKadi_SS16_ParadesNupitales_Collection_OnoBello-A RamiKadi_SS16_ParadesNupitales_Collection_OnoBello-22

As the season turns to spring, the intrepid Lebanese-American fashion designer Rami Kadi drew his inspiration from the sources of the sacred and the profane, invoking one of the most beautiful blossoming allegories: La Primavera by Botticelli.

His new Spring/Summer 2016 bridal collection tagged ‘Parades Nuptiales’ is inspired by the long flowy, diaphanous dresses draping the nymphs and the Graces in this masterpiece, icon of the sumptuous growth of spring.

The designer believes in the power of transformation. Afine Chantilly lace adorns the sheer dreamy dresses, embellished with white pearls, and imagined for a pristine world ready to be sprinkled with joy.

With a glowing translucence and crew neck collars, the women of Rami Kadi are the maidens of modern mythology. Elegantly, they sweep the darkest hours of humanity waving their capes, trains, and short embroidered feathered fairy wings. The patterns pay tribute to little flying creatures. The first wind of spring, Zephyr, blows brilliantly coloured iridescent birds that land delicately on very tight or ample dresses, made with silk thread lace. They create a world enchanted with music. In their wild race, they loose a few twirling white feathers and disperse in the wind golden leaves and branches. Undoubtedly, the remains of a nest made of raffia filaments.

Remarkably portrayed by the designer, the soft gentle breeze of Zephyr gives the collection an unbearable, staggering lightness. Whether he magnifies dresses or ruffles hair, his collection breathes freedom and bears the whispers of a beautiful season. In a final outfit, Rami Kadi’s spring awakens in a dreamlike realm, underneath a mystical rainbow. Composed of thousands of sequins, crafted in an innovative technique, it is the ultimate transition from dream to reality, and unfolds gently down a white dress worn by a youthful and innocent creature.

For Rami, there is no doubt: spring blossomed into a woman, a blossom of hope.

Here’s the full collection below!

RamiKadi_SS16_ParadesNupitales_Collection_OnoBello-1 RamiKadi_SS16_ParadesNupitales_Collection_OnoBello-2
RamiKadi_SS16_ParadesNupitales_Collection_OnoBello-3 RamiKadi_SS16_ParadesNupitales_Collection_OnoBello-4
RamiKadi_SS16_ParadesNupitales_Collection_OnoBello-5 RamiKadi_SS16_ParadesNupitales_Collection_OnoBello-6
RamiKadi_SS16_ParadesNupitales_Collection_OnoBello-7 RamiKadi_SS16_ParadesNupitales_Collection_OnoBello-8
RamiKadi_SS16_ParadesNupitales_Collection_OnoBello-9 RamiKadi_SS16_ParadesNupitales_Collection_OnoBello-10
RamiKadi_SS16_ParadesNupitales_Collection_OnoBello-11 RamiKadi_SS16_ParadesNupitales_Collection_OnoBello-12
RamiKadi_SS16_ParadesNupitales_Collection_OnoBello-13 RamiKadi_SS16_ParadesNupitales_Collection_OnoBello-14
RamiKadi_SS16_ParadesNupitales_Collection_OnoBello-15 RamiKadi_SS16_ParadesNupitales_Collection_OnoBello-16
RamiKadi_SS16_ParadesNupitales_Collection_OnoBello-17 RamiKadi_SS16_ParadesNupitales_Collection_OnoBello-18
RamiKadi_SS16_ParadesNupitales_Collection_OnoBello-19 RamiKadi_SS16_ParadesNupitales_Collection_OnoBello-20
RamiKadi_SS16_ParadesNupitales_Collection_OnoBello-21 RamiKadi_SS16_ParadesNupitales_Collection_OnoBello-23





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