Bringing New Sound To the Industry! D’Prince Covers Vanguard Allure Magazine


Mavin Records artist D’Prince is on the cover of Vanguard Allure magazine. This issue will be out of the streets on Sunday June7.

In this issue, the singer talks about bringing a new sound to the industry. The Mavin singer opened up on changing his style of music to socially conscious songs. He said:

“Sometime last year, I had this re-orientation. It’s easier to make songs that are not sensible and it will be a hit overnight. We have done it before. I was with Don Jazzy in the studio and he said I have to start recording new songs. I had told him before then that I wanted to start doing socially conscious songs.

It took us weeks to deliberate if we should go that route or stick to our normal party music. We tried it out and I have started getting positive feedbacks. I am yet to visit any blog that writes negative comments about the songs. When you actually sing something reasonable, people will reason and understand you.I have realised that you just have to put out music that people can get something out of. Even it’s a party music; it should still have a message in it. Fela did it. He had great songs and they had a message.”

To find out more grab a copy of the magazine out this Sunday!


Shoot Credits

Creative Director – NellyMesik

Photography – BamiyoEmina

Outfits – DeoMiliano Line

Location–Maison Fahrenheit





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