British Comedian, Stephen Fry Steps Down As Host Of BAFTA Film Awards After 12 Years

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60 year old British comedian, Stephen Fry is stepping down as the host of the BAFTA Film Awards. He made this known in a statement on Friday.

In his statement, Fry said it was “only right to stand down and let others take the BAFTAs on to new heights and greater glories.”

He added, “What fun it will be to watch BAFTA 2018 without my heart hammering, mouth drying and knees trembling.”

The Academy Awards yearly changes its host but Fry has hosted the annual award show 12 times since 2001 but between 2007-2011, he had a break and Jonathan Ross took over.

Fry’s replacement will be named Tuesday, alongside this year’s nominees.

BAFTA’s chief executive, Amanda Berry, said in a statement thanked Fry, “On behalf of everyone at BAFTA, I would like to sincerely thank Stephen Fry for making each and every one of the Film Awards that he’s presented such memorable and joyous occasions. We will miss him tremendously.”

Fry also thanked the academy, “I want to thank all the production staff, Amanda Berry and her wonderful BAFTA colleagues, the BBC and all those who helped make every year so enjoyable.”

“I reserve especial gratitude and imagination for Ivor Baddiel and Phil Kerr,” the comedian said, “whose work on the scripts was so skillful it made people think I’d written every line myself.”

This year’s ceremony will take place Feb. 18 at London’s Royal Albert Hall.



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