British-Nigerian Lady Deliver Twins While In Coronavirus Coma: ‘It’s Just A Miracle’

Perpetual Uke COVID-19 Coma OnoBello

In case you missed it, Perpetual Uke, a British-Nigerian woman who was battling Coronavirus while being pregnant with twins woke up from a coma in hospital to find her babies had been delivered alive and well.

According to Sky News, Uke who is a rheumatology consultant at Birmingham City Hospital was around six months pregnant when she began to feel unwell with the virus symptoms in late March. She ended up falling seriously ill and placed on a ventilator in her own place of work.

She was in the induced coma for almost a month, during which time doctors decided it would be safer for her and the twins if they were delivered prematurely by caesarean section. However, her babies were indeed delivered by caesarean section at 26 weeks on 10 April.

The news outlet further reports that Uke came round, at first she thought the babies had not survived and struggled to believe they were hers. “I was pregnant at 24 to 25 weeks, at that stage, and by the time I woke up, I was so disorientated,” she told Sky News. “I thought I’d lost my pregnancy because I couldn’t see my bump any more. I was really worried and disorientated.”

The twins, who Uke and husband Matthew have named Sochika Palmer and Osinachi Pascal, were cared for in the neonatal intensive care unit until they were 116 days old. The family were clapped out of the unit by an emotional team when they were finally able to leave the hospital.

Uke, who also has two two older children, in an interview with Express and Star said: “The first time I met the twins was very emotional. I was happy that we were all alive, but obviously concerned about their severe prematurity which has its own risks.”

She added, “I remain ever grateful to God almighty for using the amazing NICU team in restoring their lives.” Uke added in her Sky News interview: “Sometimes I look at them in tears. I never knew they would make it. It is amazing what medical professional science can offer.”

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