Brymo Talks Fear of Rejection & Dreams of Being Most Successful Nigerian Artist|Culture Diaries!


In an all new episode of Culture Diaries, Nigerian singer, Brymo sits with Wana Udobang as he talks about the evolution of his music, fear of rejection, and dreams of becoming the most successful Nigerian artist of all time.

“In 2013 when I decided to evolve my sound, I knew it was going to be difficult to be accepted because at that point in time everyone was leaning towards making music that was more commercially acceptable….but fortunately for me, I had a scandal to ride on,” Brymo said.

“From 2013, my main aim has been to become the most successful Nigerian artist of all time, here in Nigeria. To make records and sell them in millions and make profit”, he added.

Brymo’s albums include “Son of a Carpenter“, “Merchants Dealers and Slaves“, “Tabula Rasa” and “Klitoris“.

Watch the full interview below.

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