Buhari Administration Lists 25 Youth Programmes Created In Over Five Years

President Muhammadu Buhari OnoBello

The Buhari administration on Sunday listed 25 Initiatives and programmes that it has implemented to empower the youth with training, employment and entrepreneurship over a period of five years.

Compiled by the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports development, the long-list contains achievements from 2015 to present.

In case you missed it, below are the 25 opportunities that the Buhari-led aministration has provided for Nigerian youths:

1. N-Power

2. N-Tech

3. N-Agro

4. Youth Fintech

5. NYSC Monthly Allowance increased from N16,600 to N33 000

6. Public Works Scheme


7. N75 Billion Nigenan Youth investment Fund (NYIF)

8. Farmer Moni, Trader Morn, and Market Moni

9. DY.NG (Digital Youth Nigeria)

10. Construction and rehabilitation of National Youth Development Centres

11. Mobile Device Repair Traning Scheme

12. Establishment of $20 Million Fund for Nigerian Tech Innovators and Entrepreneurs (NTIE)

13. Graduate internship Scheme (Gis) 14. Youth Entrepreneurship Support Programme (Yes-P)

15. National Young Farmers Scheme (NYFS)

16. Development of the Nigenan Creative industries

17. Fashion and Beauty Sector

18. Entrepreneurship Traning Programme

19. A GREEN STIMULUS PLAN, Capacity building workshops on energy efficiency and empowerment programmes for wealth and Job creation in the 6 Geo Poltitical zones

20. DEEL: Digital Youth Nigeria (DYng) programme Specific focus on positioning youth for remote Job oppotunities, tapping into the global technology market

21. DEEL: Work Expenence Programme (Employability) in 6 Geo Political zones

22. Provision of equipments for Youth Development Centres, digital Skills Training, Robotics Laboratories in 6 Geo-Poliical zones

23. Provision of 300,000 homes to be built by young achitects/engineers

24. Provision of 5000,000 solar home systems installation by youth owned businesses

25. Buhari Young Formers Network (BYFN)

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