Buhari Talks David Cameron, Corruption In Nigeria, Chibok Girls, More With CNN’s Christine Amanpour – Watch!


In the wake of British Prime Minister David Cameron’s gaffe, where he described Nigeria and Afghanistan as fantastically corrupt, (for which he has apologized – watch herePresident Muhammadu Buharihas revealed that he doesn’t fault the PM as he only said what he knows and even more, Cameron’s utterance was private rather than to the media.

In a chat with Christine Amanpour, CNNChief International Correspondent and host of CNN International’s nightly interview program ‘Amanpour’, President Buhari admitted that Nigeria was indeed corrupt and cited the current $2.1billion arms deal saga as a case study of how leaders siphon from the country’s coffers into their pockets. He also touched on the ghost workers in the civil service currently being fished out by his administration.

Addressing the issue of Boko Haram and the missing Chibok girls, the president who said he had met with the parents of the abducted girls twice, revealed that if he would rather not meet with them on a regular basis due to the effect on his emotional balance. He said he couldn’t begin to imagine his 15-year old daughter in the same plight or what condition she would be in at the moment.

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