Buki De l’Azaria Returns With Debut Flirty, Frilled & Sexy Lookbook

Where has designer with self-named label Buki De l’Azaria been in the last few years is the question on everyone’s lips? Maybe she went on a well- deserved break to recharge her creative batteries?


Well, we are glad Azaria is back and no better way to re-enter the fashion market than launching a debut clothing line to go with her already established leather accessories lines.


The Azaria label was started in 2003 and has been creating super-cool leather accessories to the Nigerian market. The Azaria’s woman can be best described as a mysterious blend of uber-confidence and high glamour. According to the designer, “She’s a Lady on a mission. Never one to be caught unawares she’s a go getter who knows what she wants and approaches life with absolute gusto. Her world is full of colour, glamour,
love and exuberance”.

This year we witness the birth of the Buki de l’Azaria clothing collection which consists of pieces including blazers sans buttons, lounge jackets and evening dresses for the ultimate in luxury dining. The collection here makes use of a lot of brocade and cotton mixes fabrics.
Our fave are the flirty, frilled bum shorts- sexy!!!







For more information, contact:

Mobile: +234 8052094230           

Email: bukidelazaria@gmail.com, thediva@azariastyle.com

Facebook: http://facebook.com/buki.delazaria

Twitter: Buki de l&#39Azaria @bukidelazaria

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