Capturing Nigerian Fashion! STV Premieres ‘Fashion Special With Biki John’- A Must Watch


Hosted and Produced by fashion veteran, Biki John: ‘Fashion Special with Biki John’ will air on Monday 4th May at 9pm and repeat on Saturday 9th May at 9pm.  The 30 minute program aims to highlight the next generation of fashion designers in Nigeria, as well as capture the progress Nigerian fashion is making in promoting its brands to a global audience.

In this Fashion Special, the focus is on one of Nigeria’s latest international successes: The International Fashion Showcase 2015.  This unique IFS project which took place in London earlier in the year saw Lagos Fashion and Design Week present 5 Nigerian emerging designers for the Nigerian Section, namely: Grey, IAmIsigo, Kenneth Ize, Orange Culture & T.I Nathan.  The BFC later awarded Yegwa Ukpo, ‘Best Curator’ for his curation of the Nigerian section.

In this program, Biki John interviews and gains insight from key creatives like: British Council’s, Fashion Programme Manager: Kendall Robbins, a selection of the IFS designers (Grey, Kenneth Ize and IAmIsigo), as well as noteworthy stylish & creative guests like art & fashion photographer Ade Olekarin, Nibi Lawson (Founder of Kinky Apothecary) and Bella Adeleke (Fashion editor of blanck magazine).





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