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Model &Vlogger! Nakita Johnson Glittering In Her Birthday Pictures!

Nakita Johnson who is a model and also a popular vlogger  alongside her boyfriend Terroll Lewis on their collaborative popular YouTube channel, Terroll & Nakita appears incredibly and effortlessly stunning in her birthday pictures as she turns 26 years today! She is wearing a very cute white patterned coloured dress, and glittering in clear and nude…

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3 Steps On How To Successfully Glow Up Your Skin!

Pause! What caption do you think is the most used by Instagram stunners…thinking…thinking…thinking, Glow! Yes, everybody has got captions rolling in on IG; captions like “Peep my Glow” “Can your Skin Glow ever…” “My skin is Like the moon cos… I Glow” yes and that one you’ve got running on your mind right now *smiles* Anyway, here is…

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