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5 Extreme Ways To (Not) Clean Your Makeup Brushes By Nikita Dragun

If you understand the importance of keeping your makeup tools which consists mostly of brushes clean, then you’ll no doubt appreciate this tutorial. Beauty vlogger Nikita Dragun shows us how she “cleans” her makeup brushes and it totally had us in stiches! *DISCLAIMER* This is a parody video, please do not try any of these…

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Beauty Hack! Dodos Uvieghara Is Dishing On How To Make Homemade Avocado Facial Mask

  Celebrity makeup artiste Dodos Uvieghara of D’artiste by Dodos who recently rebooted her YouTube channel is back with another beauty tutorial. In her latest video, she shares easy steps to help fans create the Avocado Facial Mask within the comfort of your home. If you haven’t tried this already, you need to get right…

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Queen Mother! Anna Ebiere Is A Stunning Bride For BM|Pro Covers

  Former MBGN, Anna Ebiere is on the cover of this month’s edition of BM|Pro Covers. Wearing a strapless embellished ball gown and a stunning tiara, the beauty queen looked like the perfect bride as she struck poses for the camera. Speaking on the cover, BankeMeshidaLawal had this to say: “Meeting Anna for the first…

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Ladies…What’s In Your Makeup Bag? Dodos Uvieghara Wants To Know!

  After a brief hiatus, makeup artist Dodos Uvieghara is back and she’s got a question for y’all…What’s in your makeup bag? In this video, the beauty vlogger shares all she has in her makeup bag, her staple products and a brush she’d rather die than let go of! She said, “I’ve had several occasions where ladies would…

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Put Some Respek On Them Brows! – Eyebrow Do’s & Don’ts By Lola OJ

  Ever been weirded out by the brows of some ladies you’ve come across? Sadly, everybody wants their brows “on fleek” but most don’t really understand what this means hence the scary looking, eagle-like wonder on the faces of some. If you’re still struggling with the how-to’s and don’t of nailing this, Lola OJ is…

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Bridal Inspiration: Classic Bridal Looks By Stella’s Addiction

Hey OB Brides! How’s the wedding planning going? We’re sure you must have gotten almost everything on your list checked but…clothes, food, souvenirs aside, have you thought about how you want to look on your big day? Still searching for makeup or hairstyle ideas? We recently came across some stunning bridal inspiration looks created by…

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