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Major Skin-Alert! Sika Osei & Cornelia O’Dwyer Vibe Around Skin Care Routines On Her Vlog – Watch!

  For all the amazing chocolate and caramel sisters, Sika Osei is ready with a new episode of her vlog ‘Ebony Loving with Sika’ and this time, she switches things up by doing less of the talking and more of listening plus some dancing too! She features her very good friend, Cornelia O’Dwyer on this…

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Get The Instagram Baddie Look Just Like Dodos Uvieghara – Watch Her Tutorial!

  Who exactly is an Instagram baddie you ask? Well… an Instagram baddie is basically a girl who is always on fleek. He makeup is always flawless especially her “on point” brows. She is famous on Instagram for being beautiful, spreading trends and generally taking bomb ass photos. She’s rather go with nudes, mauves, plum,…

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