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Latest Issue of Complete Fashion Magazine Features Super Model Millen Migese And Big Brother All-Stars Winner Uti

Complete Fashion is one Nigerian magazine that stands out from its counterparts. The colour and print quality is relatively better and it is evident that features are carefully thought through with a young, edgy and modern twist to it. This I guess can be attributed to the magazine’s young team under the editorial leadership of…

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Jeneil Williams, Cici Ali, Ubah Hassan, Gayle McDonald In “Tribute to Black Beauties” Vogue Italia May Issue

An editorial spread in the latest issue of Vogue Italia features black and beautiful models Jeneil Williams, Cici Ali, Ubah Hassan, Gayle McDonald, Kelly Moreira, Jae Childs, R’el Dade, Jasmine Tookas, Lily Taylor, and Ariel Meredith. They are seen rocking various hairstyles from Afros to slicked back while wearing bright pieces from Missoni, Prada, Ports…

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