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Hot Flick: Why Do Married Women Cheat? Vlogger Uwanma Odefa Has The Answers

  Have you ever wondered if or why married women cheat? Well, watch talk show host, Uwanma Odefa answer your questions below!   You can read more about Uwanma on her blog and on her social media accounts: Twitter/Instagram – @Uwanma Photo Credit: Instagram/Uwanma           Leave your views in…

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Ariyike Weekly: The Kardashian-Jenner App | Family Vacation Vs. Paying Kids School Fees

  Nigerian Media Personality Ariyike Akinbobola on this episode of Ariyike Weekly talks about the new Kardashian App. She also shares a story (as shared to her by someone she met at the Salon) of a Lagos based family who travelled for summer holidays in America and now they cannot pay their Children’s school fees.…

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Discovery With Glory Edozien: Survival Guide For ‘Broken Homes’

This week Glory Edozien discusses her personal survival guide for unconventional families or as we say in Nigeria ‘Broken Homes’. “I find we can be a little too judgmental. We make harsh, sweeping generalizations without any understanding of the peculiarities of a situation. My parents separated when I was 6 but it was only through…

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