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Discovery With Glory Edozien: Survival Guide For ‘Broken Homes’

This week Glory Edozien discusses her personal survival guide for unconventional families or as we say in Nigeria ‘Broken Homes’. “I find we can be a little too judgmental. We make harsh, sweeping generalizations without any understanding of the peculiarities of a situation. My parents separated when I was 6 but it was only through…

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Alicia Keys Reveals Struggles With Femininity, Comes Clean About Self-Esteem Issues

Grammy award winning singer Alicia Keys took to her personal blog and revealed her struggles about coming into her own as a woman and the reasoning behind her tomboy appearance when she first hit the music scene. For her, the braids, the jeans, and the baggy jeans was all intentional–a way to deflect unwanted attention…

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Arik Air Disappoints For The Umpteenth Time! Awodiji Funmilayo, A Passenger Recounts Her Ordeal

It’s very frustrating when your travel plans are disrupted. This was the case with Awodiji Funmilayo who booked a Lagos-New York bound flight on the11th of March. The flight was cancelled and rescheduled to 14th without contacting the confirmed passengers. She has sent numerous emails to Arik but has not received any response. Read her recount…

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