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‘Cut It’! Toke Makinwa’s Girl Rule in Her latest TokeMoments Vlog

Toke Makinwa titles this one ‘Cut It’ in her latest TokeMoments Vlog. She discusses some issues surrounding girls and friendship and highlights some unwritten girl rules that as a friend you should follow to show support and have each others’ backs.  Watch what she has to say below:       Photo Credit: Instagram@TokeMakinwa  …

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The Underwater Pictures Changing the Face of Nigeria’s Yankari Games Reserve

In a quest to prove a well deserved point the KJV team, an acronym for Kureng the chief photographer, Jaru the Make-up artist and Vera the principal model, got engaged and headed down to the awesome Yankari National Park with other team members such as Lee Davou, 98Photography, Akinnawo Blossom and Hope Daniels. The main…

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Why the Recession will Grow Nigeria’s Travel & Hospitality Industry

The International Monetary Funds (IMF) predicted in 2015 that Nigeria’s economy will slide into a recession in 2016 by 1.8 per cent. The forecast indicated that our economy will grow at a much slower pace than South Africa’s. Months after the prediction, truly Nigeria slipped into a recession. Everywhere around the world, recession is one…

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Solange Pens Thought Provoking Essay With Personal Experiences On Racial Discrimination

Beyonce’s baby sister is not just a singer/fashionista, she also pens powerful and thought provoking essays that deal with issues Solange writes about “the tone, being a minority in predominately white spaces and having trash thrown your way when you speak up. She wrote this thought-provoking essay about her experience with harassment at a popular…

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Adesuwa Onyenokwe Launches ‘Speaking My Mind’ VLog At 53! | Watch Episodes 1 & 2

Adesuwa Onyenokwe– the publisher of TW Magazine– a leading women’s magazine has embraced the Vlogosphere on YouTube with ‘Speaking My Mind’. Her channel is for candid conversations with her public on real life topics from raising children, owanbe, identity, and more. This comes after 31 years on television. She worked with the Nigerian Television Authority…

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Should Married People Cut Their Single Friends Off? Find Out On ‘Ariyike Weekly’

On Ariyike Weekly, Ariyike Akinbobola shares a message from one of the vlog watchers who says her friend cut off all her single friends and started hanging out with only married women after she got married. Also, watch Comedian Ebie as he also shares his personal experience after his friend got married. Can a healthy…

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