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Essential Reads For The Soul: Egoist, Manipulator Or Gentleman? Learn Tips For Understanding Your Man

Yes, we all know, men have a presumptuous ego about them, especially in Africa. He goes, “I am the man in this relationship” and without completing the rest of the statement, you already know what he means. But really, is a “man in the relationship” suppose to be all about domination and nothing more? Is…

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Movie Review: Zoe Saldana, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto In “Star Trek Into Darkness”

J.J. Abrams never seems to disappoint, from start to finish “Star Trek Into Darkness” is action packed. He continues to rewrite the Star Trek universe to fairly good effect. The movie takes you and pulls you in all directions. You can be laughing and cracking the bones at a particular time and the next minute,…

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Dreams Truly Do Come True! Dayo Okeniyi, From Nigeria To Hollywood, Talks About Role In ‘Hunger Games’ And Acting Alongside Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake

Nigerian born Hollywood actor Dayo Okeniyi has always known it was acting for him all along although he had to joggle it with a career in advertising before deciding to take the plunge and risk all. Haven moved to Los Angeles, he took acting classes where a casting director Micheal Berry saw him performed. According…

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Essential Reads For The Soul: Just Laugh! Comedian AY Adds Author To His Resume

Another Nigerian comedian has taken on the adventure of documenting his life. Just some few weeks after the much celebrated Julius Agwu’s “Jokes Apart; How Did I Get Here” was launched, Ayo Makun, popularly known has AY has also added author to his resume. Perhaps, there are some silent words to learn from these comedians’…

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Celebrity Focus: Highlife Music Duo Bracket Wins Against All Odds, Bounces Back With “Temperature”

Obumneme Ali (Smash), Nwachukwu Ozioko (Vast) and Igwebuike Amobi (Bistop) that made up the group Bracket, came into the spotlight with the 2006 hit “Happy Day” after they were referred to the CEO of Ape Planet, Nwachukwu Mamah, who signed them on to the newly established record label. According to Vast, himself and Bistop had…

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