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Essential Reads For The Soul: Ahmed Bola Tinubu & Brian Browne’s Financialism, Plus More

A lot of people have one negative thing or the other to say about where they are from – especially if you are from Nigeria. The question that immediately plagues a man with a higher form of reasoning on hearing these negative remarks is ‘who is Nigeria?’ It should be noted that the qualities attributed…

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Essential Reads For The Soul: Mallam El-Ruffai’s Accidental Public Servant, Plus More

Former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory Mallam Nassir el-Ruffai has written a book that has caught the attention of Nigeria’s Present and past leaders. The controversial book – though receiving good reviews – has provoked ex public office holders for the remarks and sightings which the book made of them and in particular is…

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Art Review: The Incredible Sketches Of Nigerian Artist, Kelvin Okafor

We recently stumbled across some of his sketches on Tumblrand even though we had previously featured him in our “Hot Topics Of The Day!” section under breaking news, we actually thought they were actual pictures done in black & white. These are simply breathtakingly amazing. Kelvin Okafor is a graduate of Fine Art, Middlesex University.…

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