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Scandals And Jokes – A Tale Of Two Sexes By Chioma Obiefuna

Ooohhhh…whispers everywhere! The office was abuzz with the latest and most delicious scandal yet – a married female supervisor had been harassed with allegations of ‘husband snatching’ by the wife of her younger and subordinate male staff. You could almost touch the excitement in the air as the gist was passed from table to table.…

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Oops! I’m A Virgin – Does This Mean A Vow Of Living A Socially Drab Life?

Yep!! You read right……there is a virgin in the corner. I’m not psychic but I can almost see the many disbelieving head shakes of people who believe no one over the age of twenty can possibly be a virgin. But an extraordinary encounter with a fourth year undergraduate student said otherwise …..there are a few…

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A Short Story: Ifeyinwa! There Is Nothing Comparable To A Child! By Sally Chiwuzie

Apparently, sometimes minds get so closely connected that they often work in sync. For example, some medical books state that if a father to be is so closely involved in his woman’s pregnancy, he actually can feel pregnant too. If a woman has had a caesarean section and feels emotionally involved in another mother’s caesarean…

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Relationships: Long Term – The Most Important Ingredient!

Ok let’s keep this unfussy. I’ll ask this: ‘What is the most important component of a long term relationship? Did you say love? That’s what I said….initially. Something in my insomnia yet again tonight causes me to give this a bit more thought and as usual I reach a slightly different conclusion (surprise surprise!). Obviously…

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