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Oops! I’m A Virgin – Does This Mean A Vow Of Living A Socially Drab Life?

Yep!! You read right……there is a virgin in the corner. I’m not psychic but I can almost see the many disbelieving head shakes of people who believe no one over the age of twenty can possibly be a virgin. But an extraordinary encounter with a fourth year undergraduate student said otherwise …..there are a few…

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A Short Story: Ifeyinwa! There Is Nothing Comparable To A Child! By Sally Chiwuzie

Apparently, sometimes minds get so closely connected that they often work in sync. For example, some medical books state that if a father to be is so closely involved in his woman’s pregnancy, he actually can feel pregnant too. If a woman has had a caesarean section and feels emotionally involved in another mother’s caesarean…

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Relationships: Long Term – The Most Important Ingredient!

Ok let’s keep this unfussy. I’ll ask this: ‘What is the most important component of a long term relationship? Did you say love? That’s what I said….initially. Something in my insomnia yet again tonight causes me to give this a bit more thought and as usual I reach a slightly different conclusion (surprise surprise!). Obviously…

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