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8 Months Pregnant Woman Says Doctors Decleared Her Fit For 800m Race Safe! Watch Video

It’s a do-or-die affair, guys. Alysia’s the legend! Despite being 34 weeks pregnant, AlysiaMontaño ran the 800m on Thursday in the US Track and Field Championships. The five-time national champion finished in 2min 32.13sec in the qualifying rounds, only seven weeks before she’s scheduled to give birth to her first child. That the 28-year-old former University…

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Picture Of The Day: Ghana’s Jordan Ayew’s ‘Jewels’ Exposed

Ghana’s Jordan Ayew put on a spectacular display at the World Cup yesterday when he appeared to lose ball control.  Female soccer fans have been raving about Ghanaian player Jordan Ayew’s ‘package’ after his underwear was exposed for all the world to see. Ayew’s front was accidentally exposed yesterday during the game after having his…

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Luis Suárez Suspended For Nine Matches & Banned For Four Months From Any Football-Related Activity

The FIFA Disciplinary Committee has reached a decision in the case related to Luis Suárez of Uruguay: Luis Suarez has been suspended for nine international matches and banned for four months from all football related activity. He is prohibited from entering any stadium for the four months of the ban and has been fined 100,000…

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