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Zimbabwe Set for 2018 Elections, Mugabe to Get Replacement Soon

Voter registration for Zimbabwe’s 2018 harmonised elections begins on Monday. This would be the first time since independence in 1980 that the voters’ list would be administered outside the Registrar-General’s Office following the adoption of a new constitution which transferred the responsibility to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC). ZEC chairperson Rita Makarau, said that continuous…

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Larry King Reveals He Was Diagnosed With Lung Cancer

Talk show veteran Larry King recently revealed during a chat with Extra that he was  diagnosed with lung cancer and he caught it early because of a routine chest X-ray. According to Extra, 83-year-old Larry King is currently recovering following a surgery in July. He says, “I have a checkup every year. I’ve gone through a lot in my life…

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Uproar As Singapore Elects First Female President Without A Vote

Singaporeans are kicking back as their first female president is elected into office – without voting. The citizens of Singapore have criticized the means through which 63-year-old Halimah Yacob, a former speaker of the parliament from the Muslim Malay community, was elected into office. Accrording to Guardian, Yacob did not face an election for what is largely…

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