Celebrity Focus: Emma Nyra – The Talented Sexy Diva, Fashionista And MMG’s First Lady

We all know the sexy voice we hear on Iyanya’s “Ur Waist” hit track. The lady responsible for this is no other than the beautiful Emma Nyra. Beautiful, Sexy and undoubtedly talented, Emma is fast rising to the point where she will rub shoulders with her other female counterparts who have enjoyed more prominence that her before she emerged.

She became popular with the Iyanya’s “Ur Waist,” many quizzed about who owned the voice in the background of the track till she debut her single “Ori Mi Wu” and soon followed up with a hot video for the song. Ever since, the social media has been at her tail, quick to jack her pictures as she steadily climbed the ladder to becoming a renowned fashion icon – a feat that has helped propelled the starlet’s fame.

The most amazing thing is Emma only has between 2-3 singles with one single video out there, yet she’s at every show and event and the media keeps following her life like she’s a Kardashian. She performed at the NEA Nominees party in May; she was with Iyanya throughout his US Tour and also graced the stage at the Kukere Concert in Indig02, London. Perhaps, Iyanya’s fame shun on the Diva but the argument is, there has to be something special about Emma otherwise, she could have fizzled out after “Your Waist” craze.

So Who is Emma Nyra?
Emma Nyra was born and raised in Texas, USA to Nigerian parents from Delta State. She is best described as a Southern Belle with a Nigerian twang. Emma moved back to Nigeria last year and teamed up with MMG while developing herself as an artiste. 

In her own words about the male dominated music industry, she says “I intend to make my mark and to be the solution to a lack of strong voice coming from the female side! I’m a singer and a rapper so I’ll be sure to give them all a run for their money.”

She dropped her debut album in the US titled; “Emma Nyra Hot Like Fiya Vol. 1.” Since returning to Nigeria and joining MMG, she has released singles including “Kere Shere,” “Ori Mi Wu” and “Everything I Do.”

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