Charlie Boy: “I Gave Up An Oil Industry Job For Music”

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Charly Boy aka Area Fada, one of Nigeria’s most controversial entertainers popularly known for his alternative lifestyle, bikerstyle, political views, and a host of other things recently granted The Nation Newspaper an interview and of course His Royal Punkness revealed a shocking one.


Below is an excerpt from the interview:


“I returned to the country in the early eighties, after my studies in the United States where I bagged a degree in Mass Communications, to a job with the Public Relations department of a major oil company in the country. Unfortunately, I was not interested in a nine-to-five job, so I declined the offer. My father was livid, and could not fathom why on earth I would choose to throw my life away by pursuing a career in music. No one in my family was involved in entertainment.”


What do you think? Do you picture Charly Boy as the 9-5 kinda guy?








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