Chef Tiyan Is Elegant & Vibrant In The Latest Issue Of The Guardian Life

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Chef Tiyan Alile is a master of culinary arts but there is more to the elegant and vibrant chef’s culinary skills which she elaborates in the latest Issue of The Guardian Life.

In the exclusive interview, she gives readers the opportunity to explore her life inside and outside the kitchen. Chef Tiyan Alile is the founder of the Culinary Academy of Nigeria, Chef Patron of Tarragon Restaurant and Convener of the African Young Chef Competition.


Here are some selected excerpts from the interview…


5 things you do every morning?

“I get out of bed, I do Yoga, I listen to music, I dance naked in my room….I think about …the day”.


If you had 5 million dollars, how would you spend it?

“I would build a school and I would train people for free”.


Enjoy more insight into the life of Chef Tiyan by getting a copy of The Guardian Life in today’s edition of The Guardian.


Creative Team

Creative Direction: Chidera Muoka- @themadamezeta

Photography: Jerrie Rotimi- @jerrie_rotimi

Styling: Nkem Okorafor- @nkemokorafor

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