Chic & Sophisticated! Asa Releases Promo Photos Showing A Stylish New Side

why Asa is the absolute-1 why Asa is the absolute-2

A few days ago International music star Asa released the video to her latest video- ‘Satan Be Gone’click here

Now the Singer has released new promotional photographs as she embarks on the European leg of her Bed of Stone album tour.

A departure from her usual laid back style, the French-Nigerian soul singer appears coolly sophisticated dressed in a menswear inspired suit with a plunging neckline, and strikingly ephemeral in a white shirt paired with a full-length azure skirt, among other outfits. The minimalist approach to her makeup highlights the styling to make sure that Asa–mature, sultry, and alluring–is front and centre.

why Asa is the absolute-3 why Asa is the absolute-4

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