China Concerned with Tillerson’s Firing, Hopes it Won’t Affect North Korea Talks with US


Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang

China voiced out on Wednesday saying it hopes the sudden firing of United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will not impact bilateral relations or planned talks between the US President and North Korea’s leader.

A statement released reads:

“We hope that this personnel change will at the least not have any effect on the development of Sino-US bilateral relations or Sino-US cooperation in some important areas,” foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang told reporters at a regular press briefing.

Lu said China hopes that the US “can maintain the positive situation that has recently developed on the Korean peninsula, including the positive desire shown by both the American and North Korean sides for willing, direct talks.”

Tillerson was also thought to have made a major concession to China when he publicly repeated Beijing’s rhetoric about the Sino-US relationship during his first trip to the country

“We appreciated Mr. Tillerson’s efforts to promote the development of Sino-US relations,” Lu said, adding “we hope that Mr. Tillerson will continue to care for and support the development of Sino-US relations in the future.”

Lu said China is “willing to work” with Trump’s nominee for the top diplomat job, CIA Chief Mike Pompeo, in order to continue relations based on mutual respect and cooperation.


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