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Oheneba Coco bags are the rave of the moment as a lot of fashionable ladies within and outside Africa are clamoring for the &#39Chanel&#39 inspired bags made from blossoming traditional ankara prints, aso-oke, hand-made beads all of which ae accentuated with beautiful strappy chain details. Nana Sapomma Boateng, the designer is from Ghana. These lovely covetable pieces lays emphasis on individuality as no two bags are made exactly the same.

Boateng&#39s love for handbags came from seeing her mother in the 60&#39s and 70&#39s with beautifully crafted and fashionable handbags. She got into designing in Accra while working with &#39Aid to Artisans Ghana&#39 (ATAG) an NGO that helps local artisans with work so they earn enough money to take care of themselves and their family, Oheneba was then formed five years ago. met with Boateng in Lagos at a recent exhibition she organised to showcase her latest Coco collection. The bags are indeed a sight for sore eyes, every woman should own at least one!


1. What is Oheneba?

Oheneba is an Akan word for prince or princess. Hence Oheneba implies beautifully crafted handbags fit for royalty.

2. What are the 3 things that one needs to know about Oheneba?

1. Oheneba bags are made using fabrics sourced from across Africa. 2. The design targets women who are creative in their dressing, and are self confident enough to carry something different . 3. Each collection of Oheneba bags is a limited edition.

3. What inspired you to launch Oheneba?

The Oheneba collection started 5years ago. While I was consulting for Aid to Artisans Ghana (ATAG) as a product development consultant. I worked with a lot of artisans who produced recycled glass beads and used some of the beads on bags and everyone loved it.

4.Are the bags made entirely in Africa?

I would say 80% is made in Ghana

5. What makes Oheneba stand out in the fashion world?

The latest collection of bags by Oheneba is called Coco Ankara. It’s a channel inspired bag but what makes this collection and every other Oheneba design collection stand out is the fabric and accessories used. Coco Ankara is made from Ankara prints. Ankara presents endless opportunities and speaks to every woman of style. I also made use dry lace stamped with traditional Ghanaian motifs.

6. What sort of woman carries Oheneba bags?

Women who are creative in their dressing and are inspired by trends but not blind to follow.

7. Is Oheneba ethically produced?

As an environmentally conscious company, Oheneba design makes use of recycled materials. Oheneba also generate income for the artisans we work with.

8. You run an NGO that works with artisans in Ghana and Nigeria, tell us about this?

The NGO &#39Handcraft in Transit&#39 offers product design training to artisans in Ghana and Nigeria.

9. What&#39s next for Oheneba?

We are working on it.

10. How did the your background and education influence your career decision?

I admired the handbags my mom used to carry in the 60’s and 70’s and this had a lot of influence for my love for beautiful bags.


PMB CT 93 Cantonments, Accra



Contact phone numbers

Accra- +233 (0)244 630694 +233 (0) 244 630697 + 233 (0) 272 784002

Lagos: Funke -+234 (0) 8023207844


Nana Boateng of Oheneba Bags

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