Comedian AY Makun, Speaks On Divorce In The Entertainment Industry

It seems the sanctity of marriage is something people take extremely lightly amongst the Entertainment industry, or that’s what seems to appear. And something like divorce is something people choose over simple roadblocks in their life before trying to work things out. Is this true?


AY & wife Mabel Makun

Popular comedian, Ayo Makun as known as AY shares his expertise on the issue in a recent interview with Punch, read what he has to say!

When asked about fidelity in marriage, AY says:

I revere marital fidelity and I believe if every couple can work at consciously making their homes work, there will be less sorrow in the land.

AY Makun

Talking about managing tight schedules and commitment to building a blissful marriage with wife, Mabel, he says:

The craziness of my schedule is indeed a challenge but it is my duty to make quality time for my wife and that is what I strive to do to keep the relationship continually fresh.

AY Makun
OnoBello OnoBello

When asked about the trend of notable personalities in the entertainment industry running for political offices in 2015, he had this to say:

I will rather continue to fish in the entertainment industry than to ‘deflect’. I would be making mistakes to seek new opportunities in politics simply because fellow entertainers were going that way, it as a game it did not understand.I do not know how to play the game at the moment.

AY Makun

On his latest venture into the night club business with his MVP club located in Lekki, Lagos, he says:

It is not an entirely new territory but just another business opportunity with the entertainment industry. My interest in the night-club business was not just a gambit but an investment that was carefully considered.

AY Makun



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