Coronavirus Outbreak In Italy Causes Pandemonium As Authorities Search For It’s Origin

Coronavirus Italy Outbreak Patient Zero OnoBello

According to CNN, authorities have announced that the north of Italy will undergo sweeping closures as they scramble to contain Europe’s biggest outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

Italy’s confirmed cases surged from three on Friday morning to more than 200 by Monday. The majority of coronavirus infections are concentrated in mainland China (with more than 77,100 cases), followed by Japan (840) and South Korea (833). Italy’s spike now marks the biggest outbreak outside of Asia.

Five people have died and at least 219 others have been infected with the virus in Italy and patient zero have still not yet been identified, Angelo Borrelli, head of the country’s Civil Protection agency, said at a Monday news conference.

Strict emergency measures have been put in place since the weekend, including a ban on public events in at least 10 municipalities.

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