Cruel! Snoop Dogg’s Cyber Bulling Takes A New Turn, Rapper Continues Attack On Iggy Azalea

No one’s quite sure what ticked Snoop off…


Snoop Dogg posted a derogatory meme of Iggy Azalea earlier in the week. And now the legendary rapper has escalated his online vitriol into outright name-calling and apparently veiled threats. The 42-year-old told Iggy to check herself before he did in an Instagram video posted late Tuesday night.

Snoop originally said that the Australian rapper looked like man without make-up on as he posted various cruel memes.


But on Tuesday things clearly got a bit more ugly, as Snoop says in his short video: ‘Say, b****, you’re f****** with the wrong n****, and your n**** better check you before I do.’ Adding: ‘You funky b****. Yeah, you. F****** c***.’

In what appeared to be a response to the video, as it was posted soon after, Iggy tweeted: ‘its like the guy that asks for your number and then says you ugly and a b**** when you say no…’


After Snoop initially blasted her online Iggy, 24, used Twitter to voice her displeasure at the comments, saying: ‘Why would you post such a mean pic on insta when you send your body guards to ask me for pictures every time we are at shows?’  She then added: ‘I’m disappointed you’d be such an a** for no reason.’ TMZ reported the singer had made the post, but then deleted it from her account.

The social media stoush started when the veteran 42-year-old rapper Instagrammed a picture of a blonde, long haired male on Monday with the caption ‘Iggy Azalea no makeup.’  It’s not the first time he has taken pot shots at others in his sphere of work – he  previously feuded with legendary rapper Eazy-E and at one point called out America’s entire East Coast.



Many of Snoop’s 3.5million-plus followers were also tickled by the derisive picture, as it scored thousands of likes and comments within hours.

It comes days after the Australian rapper was spotted sporting minimal makeup after she arrived at LAX airport last week. Iggy looked a natural beauty, wrapping her enviable figure in a black thigh high slit maxi skirt and a dark greens sweater – but the Gin N’ Juice rapper jested otherwise.


And while Snoop, who famously burst onto the hip hop scene over 20 years ago with a song dissing rapper Eazy-E, poked fun at Iggy, other American rappers have been harsher.

We honestly don’t think Iggy deserves all this!


Credit: Mail Online | Hollywood Life



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