Food And Art! “21 Questions With…” Culinary Expert Chef Fregz

Don’t you just love good food and the people that make good food look so easy? Well, Meet Gbubemi Fregene, known popularly as Chef Fregz.

Gbubemi Fregene was born in the south-western Nigerian city of Abeokuta. He is a part of, what can be called ‘the new-age Nigerian youth’ – who are carving out niches for themselves, as creative’s, outside of the regular professional career paths. As a Chef, Gbubemi’s passion is to merge a creativity that is fresh and unbridled with elements of the budding youth culture and the world class training he received at Le Cordon Bleu in order to make every meal a truly unique culinary experience.

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Chef Fregz At Work

His journey began as early as when he was ten years old when, by a spark of genius he tried his hands at a seemingly innocuous meal of egg-stew; which the Chef says he botched on his first attempt.  But that first trial was pivotal to what has become a lifelong passion for cuisine. Through Secondary School at Olashore International School, and Covenant University Gbubemi constantly busied himself with learning new ways to make regular meals. He immersed himself in all the TV shows that Food Channels had to offer whilst; constantly seeking a mode of expression for himself.

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Chef Fregz At Johnnie Walker Event Chef Fregz At “Taste Off” – Lagos Edition

On completion of his diploma at Le Cordon Bleu, he worked as an intern at the Prestigious Market Restaurant, Paris between November 2010 and February 2011. And he was the only one of that batch of interns that was retained in the restaurant’s employ after the internship period.

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Chef Fregz At Newton

David Store Launch

Chef Fregz With Guests At A Chef Fregz Special

On his return to Nigeria, the Chef Fregz brand was birthed out of a need for the young chef to communicate and connect with the upwardly mobile crowd which he has serviced hitherto. Chef Fregz Special @ Cafe Licious, steadily gained momentum and a cult following and grew and moved to GET Arena in Oniru.

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Some Dishes By Chef Fregz

The OnoBello team got to have a chat with Gbugbemi Fregene on issues otherwise unknown to the public in a new section of our magazine that we have termed “21 Questions With…”, Enjoy his intriguing answers below:

When I get dressed in the morning I think…. I look slim right?

I&#39m dying to splurge on…Prada briefcases, Ferragamo shoes and custom made knives from Korvin

I would never leave my home without… my Ted Baker Satchel, my Mi-Fi, my Phones and a flask with some sort of tea.

I love food because… it is my passion desire and drive.

My guilty pleasure is… do I really have to bare my soul????? Ok…. Cake…

When it comes to staying healthy I… try to eat more salads, I drink a lot of vegetable and fruit juices and smoothies lettuce cucumber and apple is a favorite of mine and oh beetroot apple and carrot! I use olive oil to cook. I Opt for chicken that&#39s been grilled not fried and resolve to ice cream at calculated times of the month!

The last thing I Googled was… red velvet pancakes

If my days had one extra hour I&#39d… no difference… I barely sleep these days… So would just have extra time to work

When I&#39m stressed I… switch off, order Jollof rice and watch Big Bang Theory.

If I wasn&#39t a Chef I&#39d…. Be working in HR and wearing nice suits everyday to the work and cooking for everyone as a hobby

When it comes to living in Lagos I think… you have to be mentally strong

On a typical Saturday night I… am working.

My favorite place to shop is… Amazon!

I would never travel without… my laptop

The best advice I ever got was… from my uncle Ladi… “Go ahead and face your food” that was when I was wondering what road to take after NYSC in 2009

I think every man should own… a pair of brogues, a few ties, one sharp blazer and loads of white shirts

What keeps me excited about my job is that… I get to play with ingredients which are like toys to me…I&#39m like a 5 year old when I see things like edible flowers and fresh salmon.

The best gift I ever received was… a chance to go to the Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute in France…

My favorite place in the world is… right now… It’s my friend&#39s house Bukky on the island. Such a cosy place, I go there to take breaks and let life be easy her dogs are like my kids always the best we all chilling and doing nothing. And yes Dubai counts for when I have millions to fly….

When I was growing up, I wanted to be… a Lawyer

Some of my favorite people to follow on social media include… Irede @kingaura twitter, Koye10 twitter and Instagram Tolu Ogunlesi, SpoonForkBacon blog, The Art of Plating on Instagram

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