Cutting Across Cultures! O’Milua Releases Brand New Collection- “Ibeji”

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Olajumoke Adenmilua, Creative Director of Nigerian fashion label O’Milua first caught our attention when she emerged as one of the 15 participants at the 2014 GTB Lagos Fashion Design Week Fashion Focus.

Recently, she was selected as one of the 11 finalists for the Vogue Talents “Scouting for Africa”.

Now the brand releases its brand new collection tagged “Ibeji” meaning “Twins” in the Yoruba language.

According to Olajumoke, “As a Yoruba girl I wanted to capture and share my take of the research I came across that says the Yoruba people (especially the Igbo-Ora people of Oyo) in Nigeria have the highest amount of twin birth in the world. I thought it was an amazing find and what better way to share this beautiful knowledge of my heritage than through a story telling collection using textured batik fabric I designed and had made by tie-dyers from Abeokuta.”

This collection cuts across cultures from Africa to the West, the pieces are cut out of African tie and dye fabrics but the designs are quite modern and contemporary.

Check out the full collection below.

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Photo Credits
Photography: Olaolubabs Photography
Models: Anna Jegede, Beatrice Kelvin
Makeup: Funmi Glam Makeovers
Styling: Olajumoke Ademilua

For more information on the label, please contact: Email: | Instagram: @omiluaofficial | Call: +2348104087574 | Website:

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