Danfo Drivers & the Rest of Us…


Recently, I boarded a Danfo bus on my way home from work. About thirty minutes into the journey, the bus started jerking, after a few spurts, the vehicle stopped moving. Immediately, passengers started complaining of the heat and asked the driver why the bus stopped moving, although most of us suspected that the bus had run out of fuel, a usual occurrence with danfo drivers. When you board some of them, they drive into the fuel station to buy fuel, you will sometimes see them purchasing some ridiculous amounts of fuel. Sometimes, as low as three hundred Naira (N300). Five Hundred Naira (N500) worth of fuel is the maximum most of them will purchase at any given time.

When the bus refused to start, I suspected that we had fallen victim to the insufficient fuel strategy of danfo drivers. The bus had stopped in the middle of nowhere and the nearest bus-stop was a few kilometers away. Technically, I had been forced to trek. When passengers complained for the umpteenth time, the driver continued his routine of going back and forth form the engine to his seat trying to sort out the ‘imaginary problem’, all the while pretending he didn’t know the bus was out of fuel. His unpreparedness had put us in a precarious position.  After his fourth attempt, some of us alighted from the bus and completed the journey on foot. It was not funny!

Danfo drivers are ‘experts’ at embarrassing passengers with their unpreparedness. So many passengers have paid for this carelessness with prices as high as missed job or visa interviews or hospital appointments or even missed flight trips. That being said, danfo drivers are not the only sort of people showing unpreparedness in their lifestyles.

Millions of sexually active women and girls are displaying the danfo driver’s style of unpreparedness by not adopting the use of contraceptives for their sexually active lives. They know they are active and yet they wait until the sexual act is done before they think about preventing pregnancy. A simple contraceptive lifestyle can be the difference between peace of mind and unwanted pregnancy embarrassment – for up to three months!

Sayana Press is an easy-to-use, pre-filled 3-month injection that is administered just under the skin once every three months.  Instead of behaving like the danfo driver and waiting until your vehicle stops in the middle of nowhere and you start looking for ‘quick-fixes’ of three hundred Naira fuel to get your vehicle moving, be proactive about your sex life and get contraceptive protection that will give you peace of mind for at least three months. Be prepared so you can enjoy the ride!

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