Dark & Rich Textures In VONNE Couture’s “Black Mamba” Collection

Vonne Couture has been making waves in the fashion industry since its launch a couple of years back. This week the label released its Autumn/Winter 2012 collection “Black Mamba”. This collection, lookbook pictured here, was recently showcased at the Arise Magazine Lagos fashion week 2012. it received numerous accolades from both the media and buyers.


According to Creative Director of the label, Yvonne Nwosu, “Black Mamba is a Haute Couture collection inspired by dark and rich textures and also the South African Black Mamba snake. Though one of the deadliest snakes in the world, what I picked from this creature is its invulnerability and translated it into the timelessness of my pieces”.


The Black Mamba collection consists of Classy, Sexy and Fierce pieces ranging from dresses, shirts, skirts and pants for the sophisticated and daring woman!


For each of the looks, Yvonne as composed poems that best describes her inspiration.


Look 1
Sunny morning
Mamba slides through the hills
Looking for a prey

Look 2
Rises with tickles
Between the thighs
The dream mamba


Look 3
Raises it&#39s hood
A mamba on water
Algae criss-cross

Look 4
Without doubt
 In the gracious patterns
 Snakes in courtyard



Black Mamba Collection
Look 5
Smells a snake
In the wet grass
Her smile…..

Look 6
A black snake
Slithers on the grass
Dewy trail of love



Look 7

A mamba tail
Coils round a wall
In a box

Look 8
Avoids searching
Greens on the crowded hill
Mamba on the fence



Look 9
Full of glitz
The sparks
Snakes under the waves

Look 10
Climbing high through
Rough pathway and stony bricks
Black mamba&#39s


Look 11
Searching reason
In the labyrinthine pattern
Snakes on the island
Look 12

Ravens afloat
Crippling on the block
She stands unmoving…..    

Photography Moussa Moussa

Fashion Director Zphoto
Styling JP Styling

Models Ozia & Marie @ Beth Models

Hair & Makeup Bidemi Studio
Shoot Location Macocco Island via Third mainland bridge Lagos

For more information, contact VONNE Couture:
Mobile: 0808 948 4865
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/vonnecouture8/info
Email: vonnecouture@yahoo.com

Website www.vonnecouture.net

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