Davido Is Fader Magazine’s Global Issue Cover Star

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Pop star, Davido is the latest cover star for Fader Magazine’s global issue.

Narrating his upbringing and journey to stardom to Rawiya Kameir, Davido touches on his Lekki house, music and family home, daughter Imade and messy custody battle, deal with Sony Music Global, sophomore album tentatively titled ‘Baddest’ and more!


Read excerpts from the interview below:

On dealing with fans and their hysteria…

“Sometimes they want money, sometimes they want photos, but sometimes I think they just want me to see them.”

On the raid of his Sandy Spring home in U.S by the police last year…

“I guess a neighbor must have tried to snitch. They saw me and thought, ‘How did that African get here?’ How do I explain to someone who’s never heard of me that I’m famous? I showed them all of my videos on YouTube. They loved it.”

On his upcoming album…

“I know what kind of songs work. The music should have everything in it—Jamaican, African, American, everything. Something like Wizkid’s ‘Ojuelegba,’ it has a cool feel to it, But are foreigners going to come to Nigeria to listen to that all the time? No. It has to have a pop influence.”

On his perceived rivalry with Wizkid…

“Me and Wizkid, we’re the best,” says Davido. “If one telecoms comes to me, the other one will go meet him. If Coke comes to me, Pepsi goes to him. Whether or not it’s true, they make it feel like it can only be one of us. I think there’s enough for all of us to eat, but then sometimes it can feel like only one person will win.”


Check out more photos from the shoot below!



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Photography: Travys Owen 




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