Did They Give Me The Money I Invested In My Business?–Ubi Franklin


Earlier in the week, a Twitter user, Kelvin Igwe, accused Made Men Music Group MMMG owner, Ubi Franklin, of stealing business ideas Ubi however, has denied this claim, stating that he never met Kelvin Igwe.

In an interview with Sunday Scoop, The music executive said,

“Don’t mind those people, please. If they have N1.3bn, they should start a business. We all know that starting a business is beyond just talk. How would you say someone who has been working hard for years stole your ideas? I started my Instant Pick Up business in 2016 and in June 2017, I decided to call a few people to give them money to start business. That is why people don’t want to help any longer. It is not about having an idea in your head; it is about putting money into it and ensuring it works. Are they the ones that gave me the money I invested in my business? I am well-travelled and when you travel a lot, you get ideas from a lot of things.”

The young man, Kelvin Igwe had tweeted that Ubi offered to help some people and asked them to bring their business proposals but, later used the ideas to start up two ventures, Instant Pick Up and Instant Apartment.

He tweeted, “Young intellectuals, please be careful. These men will approach you with plans to help you start a business and ask you to submit your business proposal, but they won’t call you. That’s how Ubi Franklin did and a few months after, he used their ideas to start Instant Pick Up and Instant Apartment.”

Ubi on the other hand has stressed that he has never met the person who called him out on Twitter.

He said, “I don’t know the guy; I have never met him in my life. I was not even on the panel that interviewed those people in 2017. I came in, said hello to them and left. Even if he had presented an idea, does that mean another person cannot come up with it too? I tell people that an idea goes to millions of people; it depends on who acts fast on it.” He said.

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