Did You Know That Coffee Face Mask Can Leave You Glowing Like Kehinde Bankole?


Kehinde Bankole, is one celebrity actor that has a clear and soft skin. You too can achieve this look and get a clearer and blemish free face without spending too much.

This mixture I am about to show you will leave you satisfied and happy for the rest of your lives.

First of all, coffee face mask will leave your skin looking soft, fresh and lighter. It also helps with inflamed skin, eye bags, cellulite and a lot more.

How To Make Coffee Face Mask

  1. Get a bowl
  2. Pour four spoons of coffee in the bowl
  3. pour 4 spoons of natural honey
  4. add 4 cubes of brown sugar

When your done mixing these ingredients together then you apply in a circular motion on your face massaging it till you’ve covered every part of your face.

Then you will leave  the mixture on your face to absorb into your skin for 20 minutes and rinse off

you can also apply your moisturizing cream or coconut oil to keep your face moisturized.



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