Discovery With Gloria Edozien: “How To Be Your Own Role Model”


This week on Discovery with Gloria Edozien – She talks about making “you” the benchmark of your dreams and visions, searching deep and drawing strength from within.

On this episode, she had Guest Vlogger Wana Udobang… Here’s what she had to say:

“One of the things I love about living in Nigeria is the myriad of possibilities. Opportunities are being created everyday and the market space for innovation and creativity is ripe for the plucking. The only things missing sometimes are the footsteps to guide us.

Yes, we may have role models, but their experience is sometimes a bit out of reach when compared to our realities.

So sometimes the only role model you have is you. You are your own mentor, strategist, PR agent and board of directors, and this is the reality for many people trying to make it out of the rat race. So what steps do you need to take, how can you find your own way?

These are questions I have asked myself and many times have been answered by watching my close friend Wana Udobang live out her dreams. Recently, Wana took a bold step to leave her coveted spot as an OAP for Inspiration FM, something many in the same industry may have questioned. But Wana has always been a dream chaser. Her life is a carefully thought out path which she follows in a non-regimented fashion. In many ways she is my role model, just as she is to many. So even though she accuses me of ‘giving’ her this topic, it is one I believe she has every authority to speak on.”

Watch what she has say here:

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