Discovery With Glory Edozien : Webisode 6 ‘How To Be A Better Friend’

Discovery With Glory Edozien-OnoBello


Friendships!!! One of life’s necessary ingredients, complicated little monsters that can make life quite difficult or filled with laughter and pleasant memories.

It has strucksthat while we spend so much time evaluating how our friends have betrayed us or let us down, we don’t spend as much time thinking about how good a friend we’ve been.

Glory Edozien says: “I prayed for more friends. I thought what I needed was a bigger social circle and more engagements. Then I realised that the reason why my social circle seemed to be shrinking was because I probably wasn’t a good friend to the friends I had now.

So in this weeks discovery video, I share the tips I have learnt on becoming a better friend. I look forward to you sharing some of your tips too!





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