Distinctive Man

 Distinctive Man wear provides immaculate bespoke tailoring according to your specifications. The process begins with you and the creative facilitator, where you as the quality savvy client describe your &#39distinctive&#39 character and the facilitator translates that into a design.



You choose the fabrication, style, detail and finishes that will represent you and define your &#39distinctive&#39 character. Your measurements will be taken and translated into a flawless tailored suit, by our in house Malawian tailors who have over 15 years of experience in suits

 The clothes are for Distinctive Men, who are Sophisticated, looking for prestige, style and tailored elegance. The brand essence of Distinctive wear is the reflection of our garments and the lifestyle associated with the brand.

Distinctive suits are carefully crafted by the in-house Malawian tailors, who have been in the craftsmanship industry for 15 years.
The knowledge and art of tailoring, of cutting and sewing cloth -the two basic aspects of constructing clothes from a pattern developed slowly and gradually in Europe between the twelfth and fourteenth centuries. The Oxford English Dictionary&#39s first reference to the word “tailor” gives the specific date of 1297; and certainty by that date tailoring guilds, as well as those of weavers, and cloth merchants were well established in Europe.

During the Middle Ages clothing had been regarded as a means of concealing the body. But with the Renaissance came the accentuation of the human form. The loose robe, that standard uniform of the medieval period so easily constructed from a single piece or two of cloth, was shortened and tightened, and eventually cut, pieced, and sewn together in attempts to bring into prominence the contours of the human form. This was the birth of tailoring and, in fact, of fashion.

These attempts at re-constructing the human body in fabric called for a growing expert skill and division of labor. Soon the cutter (the one who makes the pattern) and tailor (the one who does the sewing) joined other craftsmen as important members of the community

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