Dodos Uvieghara & Her Warri Friend ‘Princess’ Are At Loggerheads Over The 5 Makeup Don’ts – Must Watch!



Makeup artiste Dodos Uvieghara of D’Artiste by Dodos has had it with certain makeup mistakes some people make. So on this episode of her vlog, she decides to let us in on ‘5 Makeup Don’ts.’

She says: “Boxy eyebrows, multiple shades of makeup on your face and body, over-strobing, the list goes on and on when it comes to my makeup peeves. On this episode, I highlight some of the popular but suspicious makeup trends that I find around Lagos and I talk about why they’re an absolute no-no.”

Interestingly, she is joined by her friend from Warri ‘Princess’ who has some very strong views about her makeup tips and tries her absolute best to take over the vlog by contradicting everything Dodos has to say.

Warning… this video is totally hilarious!!!




Written by Olufunke Edidi 




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