Does High-End Always Mean High Quality? Dodos Uvieghara Is Showing Us



Dodos Uvieghara’s latest vlog makes for an interesting watch.

In the video, the beauty blogger and makeup artiste tries out the difference between high-end makeup products and the cheaper drugstore ones.

This is what she said about the video:“Sometimes I wonder what the fuss is about designer or high-end products? Don’t get me wrong, if you have the resources to go high-end every time you can, please do by all means. But my peeve, however, is when people give in to societies pressures especially when that society consistently equates high-end to high quality. Does high-end always mean high quality – especially when it concerns beauty products like makeup? You tell me.

This is why I decided to try out something different in this episode by finding out how low-end drugstore over-the-counter makeup stacks up against high-end makeup. And with Buhari’s wind of austerity blowing across the land, there’s probably no better time to talk about scaling down budgets. Anyway, without giving too much away, let me just say that the results were remarkable on not just on my face but in my pocket.”

Watch the video below!



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