“I Don’t Feel Like A Rejected Stone”- Skales, EME To Baseline Plus ‘Shake Body’ Video!

Skales, whose real name is Raoul John Njeng-Njeng, is a 19 year old Nigerian rapper, song writer and performer. This emerging talent has wooed many audiences around Nigeria with his unique rap style especially with his latest release, ‘Shake Body’.

OnoBello OnoBello

Shake Body is the latest single by Skaleswho is now signed to Baseline recording label. He was previously signed to E.M.E record label then later started his own label, OHK Music.

Speaking at a press conference aimed at re-introducing Skales under Baseline records to the Nigeria media, Baseline boss Howie Texplained to press men in Lagos, saying: 


“Baseline understands the Skales’ direction and that is why I decided to take this step. I am very excited about the deal. I feel this is destiny because these are people I have known for a very long time.

Responding to the speculations that he felt like a rejected stone when he left EME, the talented artiste said that he didn’t feel like one.

Baseline Ent




Also speaking at the press conference Skales explained the reasons why he signed the Baseline deal, he said: 

“Baseline wants to take my career to a whole new level at which people don’t see me. I don’t feel like a rejected stone. That is why I decided to be part of the Baseline label. They are trying to take it to another level. I am a businessman and I move with anything that is going to move my business forward. Right now, Baseline has given me that platform. If you listen to my music right now, you will discover that I am more confident about my music.

After I left EME I dropped a song everybody is crazy about right now called Shake Body and for that song’s video I will be giving out $10,000 to anyone or a group that can record themselves dancing to it.A lot of people have heard about the song and it’s fast becoming a hit.”

Present at the press conference was singer Saeon who is also signed on to Baseline records, Music Producer Mr Chidoo and representatives of the Nigerian media.


OnoBello OnoBello

Watch Skales – Shake Body (Official Video)



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