Don’t Judge Those Who Have Reached Their Limits- Remi Fagbohun Comes To Her Bff, Tiwa Savage’s Defense

1Personal shopper and stylist and bff Remi Fagbohun, has come to the defense of her friend, Tiwa Savage from internet trolls who have been bashing her since her husband Teebillz’s suicide attempt and her own startling revelations. Watch here if you missed.

A few hours ago she wrote on Instagram:

“The hardest thing in the world to do is to keep quiet when your friends are going through something.
Gosh… People have ZERO CHILL!!! The Internet has become an open spot where you can say whatever you want. Say things you know are not right! Be downright RUDE!! Laugh and make jokes at someone else’s expense. Create Meme’s… It’s HARSH, It’s cold and it’s just wrong on so many levels. But it’s the world we live in… A very sad one.
Whatever your personal opinions may be, remember the person you just TORE apart , is HUMAN!! Didn’t start that journey thinking it would fail (do any of us do that???). Does anyone get married saying I’m going to give this a few years and see how it goes??? Or let me tie myself to this person knowing that he isn’t going to be the man of my dreams?? NO!

Like any other man or woman – you go in giving it your all. You plan and carry out the wedding of your dreams because — ITS supposed to be the wedding of your dreams!!! The one time you will ever get married. Hoping the journey gets better. Hoping he gets better … Hoping you have more happy moments than sad ones.
Marriage is by no means an easy road to walk (trust me I KNOW) . For those that decide to stay in it… Kudos. But don’t JUDGE those who have reached their limits. Don’t start quoting the bible when you’re already being hypocritical by casting stones. Everyone has a different limit. When you reach your limit you will know. Try to have a bit of empathy for those going through something and simply imagine yourself going through it. Then ask yourself , how would this comment make you feel if directed at you. Would you like it? Does this seem fair?

I am teaching my son , every single day… When you have nothing good to say, say nothing. I implore others to do the same.
I’m stronger than most , yet today I cried. Cried for my friend and sister. Cried for my brother , cried for my baby. Crying again as I write this , thinking of the world we live in now where it’s ok to tear a person apart when they are down! Remember these people aren’t ROBOTS!!!! #tiwasavage #support#love #prayers #welovetiwasavage#westandaswomentogether#strongwomensupporteachother





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Two comments

  1. It’s so sad when people feel it’s ok to talk trash about someone who is already going through so much. I am glad she spoke up and cleared the air. May God give you the peace and strength you require to get back on your feet.

  2. Ditto. There is so much pain in her situation. There is a saying about how life never gives us more than we can handle. She will survive. This too will pass.

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