Dr. Adeola Olubamiji Shares Her Success Story! Urges Nigerians To Be Bold & Innovative


We love when our very own succeeds and excels. The beauty about success stories is that it inspires us to do better and be better. Some stories are inspiring and Adeola’s success story is one of them.

Read and be motivated.
My name is Dr. Adeola D. Olubamiji and I’m the first black person to have received a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada (5th of June, 2017). My Bachelors degree was in Physics from OOU. Because I had a 2.1, it opened the door for me to proceed to Finland for a Masters Degree in Biomedical Engineering. During this masters degree, I worked part-time as a cleaner and did this after my Masters as well. Out of determination, I applied to over 100 schools for my PhD and finally got a full 3 year scholarship (later extended to 4 years scholarship) at University of Saskatchewan, Canada  to pursue a PhD in Biomedical Engineering. While in that PhD program, I worked part-time as a makeup artist and seller at Sephora Canada, I braided hair and weaves for students, did tutoring jobs and teaching assistant jobs to make extra money. This journey wasn’t easy but it’s now paying off. I currently work as a Lead Metallurgical / Material Engineer in an Aerospace Manufacturing Comparny here in Canada.

It doesn’t matter what course you were given, pursue it and have the best of grades, go harder and get your dreams fulfilled after that degree. Your good grades and your resilience will open multiple doors. That PhD was done on a-4-year scholarship. I did it while still looking good and peppering everyone. I made mistakes but did not allow those kill my dreams. You can become whatever you want to be!!! I will attach a video and a PhD of myself and the university president and a picture with my supervisor. I also would like to tell Dr. Olubunmi Olakanmi’s story. She obtained her PhD in Computer Science today and I have attached a picture of both of us here too. Let’s change the role models we are giving to Nigerians, it’s about time to show them that being educated is the new way to pepperdem!
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Here are my words to everyone.
As the 5th child of 5, I always had to wait for my turn. I was the last, a girl child and raised by a mother who is farmer and a father who has little, I hawked pepper on the streets of Ibadan as early as age 10 to help my mum. Went to public primary and secondary school in Ibadan. Attended OOU and studied Physics. So, It looked like I won’t amount to much.

Today I walked the stage as the first black person to bag a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from University of Saskatchewan, Canada!!! I walked this stage for you Mama Africa and for my Motherland Nigeria!!! I walked the stage for all of you black women disrespected and looked down on!!!! I walked for all of you from my ghetto hood “Mokola”, Ibadan. I walked for all OSU students and ex-students that got that look from people who think we are not brilliant!! I walked for all of you Africans in Finland wondering what is next for you!!

Specially, I walked for you my parents. siblings and extended family in fulfillment of your dreams! Specially, I walked the stage for you my late sister Omoleye Olubamiji and my late mentor Ayodele Olatunbosun. Today I walked for my future husband and my unborn children who patiently waited for me to fulfill my dreams so that he can have a wife he will be proud of and they can have a role model to look up to.  I walked for all immigrants and all young adults who strived everyday chasing their dreams!!! I walked in celebration of the unfailing love of my first and one truly true love Jesus Christ (in you I walk in you I live and in you I have had and will continue to have my being)!!!

Be bold, be innovative, be different, be you, be everything you want to be but remember to put God first!!! Let no man, upbringing, money, circumstance, colorism, past mistakes, institution, company, partner, background, let nothing tell you you can’t do it. Go smart! Go hard!! Go for Gold!!! Go with God!!! Just Get Going!!!


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  1. Congratulations to Dr. Adeola. It’s exciting to be reminded once again that hard work always pays off. Your success story is an inspiration to the entire African women world over and of course to every young woman out there putting in all earnest efforts to achieve success. I wish you the very best of success ahead. Cheers.

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