DSS Daura Vows To Clamp down Corruption & Saboteurs Of Nigeria, Tells Aljazeera TV

Lawal-Musa-Daura-OnoBello Lawal Musa Daura 


The Director General of the Department of State Services (DSS),Lawal Musa Daura, assured that ongoing investigations and clampdown on corrupt persons and saboteurs of the nation’s interests would be sustained.

“Nigerians should closely watch and follow what we have started and what we will continue to do. I am sure they will not find us wanting,” he said in a chat with Aljazeera TV

He also assured Nigerians of a more resolute and professional service which will attend to valid reports brought before it without prejudice to anybody, saying “Whatever comes before us with facts and figures, it will be dealt with equally as required by the law.”
According to Daura, the DSS under the new leadership is poised to restore the confidence of citizens in the service, which has an all-encompassing mandate to protect the interest of the nation.





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