Duaba Serwa – Nelly Emerald Aboagye

Nelly Aboagye was originally inspired to pursue a career in fashion through the arts and crafts teachings of her mother. She then went on to study graphic design, textiles and art, before changing to nursing. After graduating from the University of Ghana, she re-entered the creative space with the label, Duaba Serwa.


According to her “I am… A Designerfrom Ghana, West Africa and my Line incorporates indigenous Ghanaian, Sierra Leonean, Ivorian bead work; all hand-made with contemporary designs fused with middle eastern stones”.


As a designer, she has adopted the saying “La mode se de’ mode” by Jean Paul Gaultier, meaning “Fashion goes out of Fashion”. The comment represents her desire to be versatile and innovative as a designer.

Nelly’s latest collection, entitled “Five Notes in Moments” aims to play on several different style notes: bold colours, African prints, futuristic structures, timeless glamour and masterful tailoring.

Website: www.myduabaserwa.com
Tel: +233 26 210 1656
Facebook& Twitter: DuabaSerwa



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