#EatRightAfrica: Wanna Eat Bread On a Diet? Ayo Van Elmar Is Dishing Tips +Spices!

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Eliminating bread completely may lead to intense carb cravings and we don’t want that on your weight loss journey! Absolutely yes! Perhaps you’ve always thought bread is fattening. However, eating certain types of bread on a weight loss diet or to maintain a healthy weight is all about the quality of bread and the quantity.

Nowadays, most major supermarkets in Africa stock dark breads such as pumpernickel and other breads that are rich in healthy seeds, such as pumpkin, sesame, and sunflower seeds. Please do not confuse these kinds of bread for the regular wheat bread.

This episode of Ayo Van Elmar’s Eat Right Africa shows you how to choose quality breads on your diet, and how to spice up you bread with healthy ingredients.





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